EP096: Why We Need More Sluts | Ryan Thomas


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SLUT = Sexually Liberated Untamed Treasure
SLUT = Sexually Liberated Uninhibited Treasure
SLUT = Sexually Liberated Unrestricted Temptress
SLUT = Sexually Liberated Unapologetically Thrilled
SLUT = Sexually Liberated Ugly-bits Tickler

However you decide to look at it, sluts are amazing. As a woman, there are innumerable benefits to women for being sexually liberated. And as a man, you have no right to complain it’s hard to get laid if you ever say a woman is a slut, in a derogatory manner, for sleeping around.

I don’t believe it’s important to be promiscuous to become a SLUT, but it can’t hurt! Today I share my thoughts on why we need more sluts.

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