EP218: Just the Tip Tuesday – Learn how to Control through Surrender | Dr Gayle Friend

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Every Tuesday on Modern SexTalks we come at you with Just the Tip Tuesday where we offer a 10 minute segment from a previous episode. Our episodes can be a bit long sometimes, and it can be hard to remember everything, so this is an option to get bite sized bits of information on a weekly basis.

Today’s episode is a short segment from EP196: Learn How to Control Through Surrender with Dr Gayle Friend.

She joined us on the podcast a while back, where she talked about igniting love. This time around, our conversation revolved around dealing with unavoidable turbulences in relationships.

She talks about the concept of surrender, and how it can be the secret towards a more fulfilling relationship. In a world that is filled with fear, doubt, frustrations, and anxiety, she reminds us to take a step back and surrender the things that are not serving us.

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