EP171: Just the Tip Tuesday – Master and Slave Relationships | Severyn Kain

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Every Tuesday on Modern SexTalks we come at you with Just the Tip Tuesday where we offer a 10 minute segment from a previous episode. Our episodes can be a bit long sometimes, and it can be hard to remember everything, so this is an option to get bite sized bits of information on a weekly basis.

Today’s episode is a short segment from EP142: Dominatrix Power in the Boardroom.

OMaster Severyn is a BDSM Master, alternative lifestyle presenter, and kink event organizer who has been active in the realm of BDSM, kink, and fetishism for the last 10 years (if to include the years he’s been lurking and playing spectator on the events – it will total 15 years).

Today we discuss the development of his interest in BDSM and kink, events and activities in the community, defining terms used in the lifestyle, the relationship dynamics in BDSM, and integrating healthy power dynamics rooted from BDSM to traditional relationships.

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