EP083 – Just the Tip Tuesday – Erotic Massage

Ki and Aurora Best version

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Every Tuesday we come at you with Just the Tip Tuesday where we offer a 10 minute segment from a previous episode. Our episodes can be a bit long sometimes, and it can be hard to remember everything, so this is an option to get bite sized bits of information on a weekly basis.

Today’s episode is a short segment from EP015: Erotic Massage.

This is a very interesting show. Enter into the world of sensual ‘erotic’ massage. Ki has been doing whole body, genitals included, massage for over 10 years. He and his partner, Aurora, have an exceptional amount of experience in sensual massage, and even give regular live demonstrations of G-spot massage, squirting orgasm, vulva massage and cock massage.

Today they touch on how erotic massage can be a great tool for resolving conflict in your relationships. If you want to reach Ki and Aurora, you can contact them on www.massagebyki.com and www.erosha.com.

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