EP187: Just the Tip Tuesday – Curing Jealousy | Lianna Walden

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Every Tuesday on Modern SexTalks we come at you with Just the Tip Tuesday where we offer a 10 minute segment from a previous episode. Our episodes can be a bit long sometimes, and it can be hard to remember everything, so this is an option to get bite sized bits of information on a weekly basis.

Today’s episode is a short segment from EP164: Jealousy and it’s “Cure” with Lianna Walden.

Lianna Walden is a sex and relationship coach who has a very interesting story. She was married for over 20 years and for 12 of those years, she was in a non-monogamous marriage with a bisexual man. She’s learned a lot about jealousy and she’s sharing what she did, and what you can do, to overcome jealousy.

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