EP095: Just the Tip Tuesday – Cockfidence | Karolina Tatarenkova


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Every Tuesday we come at you with Just the Tip Tuesday where we offer a 10 minute segment from a previous episode. Our episodes can be a bit long sometimes, and it can be hard to remember everything, so this is an option to get bite sized bits of information on a weekly basis.

Today’s episode is a short segment from EP038: Cockfidence.

Karolina Tatarenkova. A Russian Sex Therapist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada loves talking about cock. And confidence. Cockfidence! So many men derive their confidence from the size or shape of their dick. This stems from pornography and misguided societal influences. Karolina will tells us about why that happens, why it’s bullshit, and how to generate some serious cockfidence. Cockfidence is the recognition that your value as a man, and in the bedroom, is not reliant on your penis. It’s reliant on you as a lover. And yes, those two are mutually exclusive. If you’d like to reach Karolina, you can find her at www.passioninlove.com.

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