EP103: Conversation with a Transgender Woman | Rianna James

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Last week’s episode had been interesting, talking to a sacred sexual worker, a fascinating commemoration of the Modern Sex Talk’s 100th episode.

This week, just to get the momentum going, the podcast guest is someone who can also give us an insider’s point of view on a controversial lifestyle. I will be talking to Rianna James, professional dominatrix, cam model, porn star, and a transsexual.

Rianna and I chat about some of the things that people have wanted to ask – maybe out of ignorance, curiosity, or a genuine need to understand – but just did not have the avenue to do so. Rianna sets things straight on coming out, transitioning, the society’s view of trans, and how it feels like to be a girl.

Listen closely to this episode and get a deep dive on:

• How Rianna views being asked about her genitalia (5:09), and what is a more important subject to talk about when talking to someone whose gender / sexuality you’re unsure of (than just asking about what’s in their pants) (12:02).
• How people and society have associated gender through the genitals (9:04, 59:22).
• How she identifies herself on the gender-sexuality spectrum (13:41), and recounting a heated conversation she had over her choices on gender / sexual identity (15:30).
• Narratives on how her professional life was affected by her coming out as trans (17:47; 44:01).
• Who Rianna was prior coming out, her demeanor, and her life back then (19:30).
• The authenticity that comes with transitioning and coming out (23:26), and how she came to realize that she identifies as a woman (26:02).
• The procedures and changes she has gone through (26:58), and how the changes in her body chemistry manifested to her daily life (32:37).
• How other people treated her after the change (33:28, 37:00).
• How her relationship with her father and her son were affected by the transition (42:15; 44:37).
• A quote that she shared on how she sees transitioning (42:42).
• How kids and the society are becoming more accepting now (45:37), and how our paradigms and social constructs – often beyond our control growing up – influence our view of the world (47:27).
• The politics and labels surrounding the gender queer community (56:00).
• Her insights on defining sexuality, choices sexually (1:04:36), and why she decided not to get a vaginoplasty (1:07:19).
• And the takeaway she wants to give to someone who’s considering to transition (1:10:17).

To connect with Rianna James, you may check the links below:
Website: tsriannajames.com, Twitter, and on Snapchat @riannajames9

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