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WThis time on Modern Sex Talks, our guest is Jenny Ferry, the creator of Soul Sex. She describes herself as a soul seer and relational intuitive with a well-developed divine feminine and has 3 decades of leadership experience under her belt. She loves being a leader and loves helping other people become leaders.
Today, we had a chat about looking at the depth of who you are, how it relates to better relationships and sex life, and how it translates to the bigger picture of the society. The conversation also got a little bit sappy towards the end with Jenny’s convictions.

Some of the things we discussed on today’s episode are:

Jenny’s journey towards personal awakening that motivated her to initiate Soul Sex, which is a product of violence, personal crises, an epiphany to shift the trajectory of her life’s work towards healing, growth, relationship and human development, and a realization that relationships are the bedrock of everything we do in our lives (2:44).
I then relate Jenny’s experience and explanation of her awakening to Star Trek movie where the character Data got an emotion chip and how feeling is a great quality (7:48).
A discourse based on the book The Seventh Sense on how each century is defined by illnesses that are threats to humanity – from pneumonia to cancer of the last 2 centuries, to insanity – which is the plague of the current times, and expounded that this is not just a mental or psychological insanity, but a cultural one driving towards a dystopia (11:20).
She provided a diagnosis why our culture has deteriorated to its current state brought about by the lack of sense community, and why the revolution needed to aid this must start in the grassroots – which is the bedroom (19:16).
I made an iteration of the point Jenny said that how an individual relates to their romantic partners dictates one’s relationship to other people, the society and in turn, transform culture (19:16).
Jenny introduces the three levels of relationships of Co-dependence, Inter-dependence, and Intra-dependence as concepts on how people maneuver their relationships and lives (23:33); and how relationships nested in a community or village that’s present in intra-dependence allows individuals to be fully human, fully healthy, and become catalysts for change (24:37).
The concept of Relational Agility (29:40), and what happens in the course of relationships – from the dreamy stage towards the more problematic phases, and how to deal with it. Jenny stresses that though there is no one-size-fits-all method or specific answer – the discipline and practice she created can serve as a guide to navigate this territory with ease, skill, and maturity (31:17).
I then provided my understanding and an analogy as to how working on and growing relationship feels like (35:29), and we agreed on the importance of incremental approach in a world that constantly wants a quick fix (37:38).
Finally, Jenny shares what she sees as critically needed in the current world, specifically for and by men (39:00).

Jenny was able to express her life’s work and heart’s content for us to be able to understand human relationships better. Definitely a thought-provoking episode, to which I’d definitely love to hear your feedback – chime in your thoughts in the comment section.

You can get Jenny’s FREE report on The Hidden Truth about Conflict Resolution on her website, www.jennyferry.com. Or you can find her on Facebook.
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