EP070: Why Vulnerability is Sexy | Tziporah Kingsbury

Our guest today, Tziporah Kingsbury, will teach you all about Vulnerability. She is well known as the Love Guru after being on ABC’s the Bachelor as a relationship coach for the Bachelor and one of his ladies. Today she’s going to share with us what vulnerability is and why it’s your most powerful asset in a relationship.

AND, you’ll learn 3 Keys to elevate your communication skills around uneasy emotions that will promote being heard,understand and create greater connection.

Tziporah has a new book soon to be published titled: Revolutionizing Intimacy: A Guide to Created Profound Relationships From the Bedroom to The Boardroom. She is currently running a campaign to create a global network and to raise the funds it requires to be published. If you are wanting more of what she has shared with us here today, and to be a part of this global vision to shift the consciousness in the way we relate at home and in the world I invite you to check out Tziporah’s book campaign, get a copy of her latest book and even some specials on working personally with her. You can get access to her book by clicking HERE.

You can also reach Tziporah through the following means through her email tziporah [@] tziporahintimacy.com, her Blog, her Soulful Relating Leadership Training , Facebook, or her other Facebook account, URL: Twitter, or LinkedIn

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