EP118: Sex Work for People with Disabilities

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Sex Work for People with Disabilities
This week’s episode is powerful and interesting – even for me, given the different types of people I deal with for the podcast and in this field in general. Our guest today is Joslyn Nerdahl who describes herself as a mother, daughter, student and a sex entrepreneur. She works as a sex educator, intimacy coach and sex surrogate and is currently studying to become a clinical sexologist. It is her advocacy to help and educate people on sex, intimacy and sexual rights.
The two of us discussed today a quite moving facet of the sex industry and human nature, that got us both discussing passionately our stand and how the society views it.
Without further ado, let’s get into the conversation, and learn about:

  • What is Sensual Solutions and how it does its work to help people with disabilities access their bodies, have their sexual needs met, and experience intimacy (2:30).
  • What conditions they help and deal with, and the inclusions and limitations of the services they provide their clients (4:27; 9:49; 35:15).
  • Joslyn discussed the Vice documentary Inside the Controversial World of Medically-Assisted Sex, which featured her and one of Sensual Solutions’ clients, which aims to shed light and explore this area of the sexual industry (5:04).
  • The concept of surrogacy work and how it holds its place in the legal gray-space (7:19), and distinguishing between a surrogate sex worker and a regular sex workers (12:22).
  • Body mapping and how this helps people with disability to experience stimulation, arousal or even orgasm (15:00).
  • We shared cases that crosses the line of morality and sexual abuse when surrogacy services would’ve been useful (16:55; 20:25); and Joslyn sets the record straight on the delineation between assistance and abuse for these cases, the boundaries and the very important concept of consent (58:40).
  • How sex coaching and sex therapy, and how this can help people who have sexual blocks due to depression or anxiety (22:34).
  • What she views is the most rewarding case that she’s dealt with (25:10) and what was her motivation to getting into this line of work (26:39).
  • She also revealed an anecdote of when she was still working as a sex worker, which somehow foreshadowed what would be the path she will pave for herself in that field (26:39), and the gratitude she feels out of people she helped reclaim their sexuality (30:05).
  • She expounds on the concept of the light and healing aspect of sex work, the sacred prostitute, and how it evolved in history, culture, religion and politics (31:56).
  • She described how she views the clients she works with (34:01) and how people with disability experience sexual pleasure (37:14).
  • She explained how reiki, yoga, meditation, journaling, and other methods help her to keep healthy in relation to the kind of work she does (38:21).
  • We also got into a passionate discourse and expound on how the sex industry is stigmatized as something that hurts the people around them, and how important it is to open up minds into seeing and understanding the other side of the story (41:55).
  • Joslyn imparted education by differentiating legalization, decriminalization of prostitution, and the current Nordic model (49:50), and how society views prostitution, the sex industry, and sex (52:13).
  • She specified what were the concerns and challenges that hinder people to avail of the service such as education/knowledge of such service, logistics/access to the facility, and even religious limitations (55:30).

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