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Is being a Yes Man (or Woman) getting you in trouble more than good? Then maybe you should learn the art of properly saying “No”.

Little Woo is the founder of the School of Enchantment, where she serves as a mentor and coach, guiding people in their relationships and lives. She teaches a program for those who are going through big changes and wants to transition towards a more magical life through creativity and freedom, so they can walk the enchanted path of compassion, creation, and celebration.

On this episode, we focused on the often seen as difficult practice of saying “No”, dealing with conflicts and the other consequences attributed from saying “No”, as well as our personal experiences in conflicts and rejection.

Some of the points we’ve touched on today are:
• How cynical she was in the past, and the 7-year journey that prompted her to look inside, learn how to swim instead of drowning, let go of feeling powerless, and eventually helping other people with similar journeys (5:00).
• How mixed signals and incongruence of how we view the world and how we respond to people and situations reflects in our energy and relationships (9:00).
• The negative perception of the word ‘No’, how it conveys boundaries and confrontation, and how she sees the word ‘No’ not as the problem (12:02).
• How learning to effectively say ‘No’ made certain things easier for her (14:25).
• The difficulties in saying ‘No’ and how guilt plays a big role in this, rooted in certain false beliefs (16:20).
• Responding to guilt and getting caught up with other people’s trauma and victim mentality by shifting energies instead of just merely choosing between fight or flee (22:02).
• How getting ‘No’ for an answer benefits both parties, allowing growth, healing, empowerment and removing blame from the participants (24:10).
• Handling conflict and displeasure so we can be bigger than the momentary discomfort that comes from a ‘No’ and developing trust, stronger bonds and authenticity through the experience (34:04).
• How the concepts of FOMO, shortage of resource and shortage of love makes people say ‘Yes’ in fear of missing opportunities and overcoming the scarcity mindset by acknowledging choices and abundance (40:56).
• Developing muscles to handle people’s discomfort, how to respond as a mentor to not take people’s reactions personally, and to give and receive truth graciously (53:31)

A great insight in conflict resolution, as well as managing our relationships, careers or businesses, and other opportunities we face in life. It had been a pleasure talking with Little Woo, if you would like to know more about her programs and join the walk to the enchanted path of magical humans, you can head to LittleWoo.Org or shoot her an email at treasures [at] littlewoo.org

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Thanks for tuning in today, I hope you find this episode insightful as I did. If you have feedback or suggestions on the episode or the show, I’d love to hear it – email us at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com.

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