EP100: Interview with a Sacred Sex Worker | ‘Mae’

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EWe are celebrating the 100th episode of Modern Sex Talks today, and we have an extra-special guest. Our resource person will be using the pseudonym Mae, and she is a sex worker. Contrary to common perception though, she does not engage in penetrative sex, but instead uses her touch to express sensuality through tantric massages.

In this episode, Mae will expound on the concepts of tantra, spirituality, compassion, love and sexuality. Together we will learn about an industry society has filled with stigma and misconception. Let us all listen as Mae discusses:

• Tantric massage, how she does her job (2:15), how she views her work, and how it affects other people’s lives (8:20).
• What she does as a sex worker, the limitations in this line of work, and the difference of sex work vs. human trafficking (4:55).
• The story on how she got into this trade, and how it transformed her life (12:13).
• How she asserts her boundaries (20:54), the dangers involved in this type of work (27:07), and how she protects herself from negativity (48:18)
• The concept of two types of prostitutes (23:36).
• The stigma that sex workers use drugs, undergone trauma, or has a mental condition (31:40), and how she dealt with these (36:00).
• Practical tips she can give to other sex workers on an emotional and psychological level (41:50).
• Her insights on the gender dynamics (53:51), the power of sexuality or how it ties up to spirituality (57:36).

I also share a personal story about the darkness I experienced when I was in the army, where darkness is being celebrated. And how this juxtaposes to sex workers healing people from trauma, offering intimate therapies, and yet they’re being looked at lowly (59:51).

Mae is also working on a project that will transform the sex industry and provide support to its workers, though she decided to keep the details in the meantime. But we’ll make sure to cover that once it launches. For now, you can check out http://sensualgenius.com/ if you want to connect with her.

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