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Traditional society created a concept of specific roles for what is deemed masculine and feminine. From actions, emotions, and even occupations. Fortunately, today’s world already moved up from such framework.

Somehow, the idea that an individual can have both masculine and feminine traits is getting some traction. Also known as the polarity principle, this episode delves into the feminine and masculine dynamics, and how this plays out in relationships.

Joining the show to discuss the polarity principle is Sister Moutique. Sister has spent the last twenty-ish years as a spirituality teacher through retreats, immersions, and coaching. She is also the author of the book The Gift of Expectation.
Sister delivers miracles by helping individuals and couples in their journey towards personal transformation. Part of the shape-shifting exercise she oversees for her clients includes a deeper understanding of the divine feminine and masculine and how it affects ourselves.

Some of the other points we discuss on this episode include:

• Her background and experience as a spirituality teacher (03:44).
• An introduction to the concept of the divine feminine and divine masculine (08:32).
• How understanding masculinity and femininity as energetic presence can explain how some individuals do not resonate with the sex they’re assigned at birth (10:21).
• How an awareness of the masculine and feminine energy manifests in decision-making, actions, and even posture (12:27).
• The concept of vulnerable masculinity and the importance of trust in allowing one’s self to embrace vulnerability (18:22).
• The consequence of two individuals with the same energy in a relationship (21:29).
• The difference in experience between her two marriages based on the energy of her partners (23:57).
• How the polarity principle works in same-sex relationships and identifying which energy is more predominant in an individual (32:54).
• The qualities we should be looking for in partners and how it aligns with the quality of life we want (44:53).
• How equality works by offering each of the energies’ expertise into the relationship (49:17).
• Harnessing and balancing the divine energies towards limitless possibilities (56:07).
• How the polarity principle is demonstrated in the bedroom (58:02).
• The idea of the blissful state as both the natural human state and divine state. (1:09:40)
• Sister’s advice on the importance of exploring who you truly are in a relationship (1:14:16)

Despite my prior knowledge of the divine feminine and divine masculine concepts, I was still able to learn new things from Sister’s point of view and experience.

To connect with Sister Moutique, check out her website and her book, The Gift of Expectation.

Understanding the polarity principle is one of those things that could enlighten those who are experiencing confusion with their sexual preferences, and even their emotions and behavior.

I would appreciate it if you can share this episode to your network so we can raise awareness and inform others too. For feedback, suggestions, and inquiries, give me a shout out at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com – I’d love to hear from you.

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