EP130: Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with Perifit | Artem Rodionov

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A friend sent me a link that says there’s an app that allows you to play video games with your vagina. Being The Sex Guy, this naturally sparked my interest, and that is why today’s guest is the person responsible for that app.

Artem Radionov is the CEO and co-founder of Perifit. He is an engineering graduate who delved into the world of startups, specifically apps creation. His yearning to help a friend who experienced post-childbirth issues was the main driver for Perifit – an app and video game that helps women to work out the pelvic floor muscles which helps with bladder control/incontinence, increasing core strength, and heightening orgasms.

We will be discussing why is it essential to work out the pelvic floor, issues experienced by women following childbirth or as an effect of aging, and using the Perifit app as your Kegel trainer for your pelvic floor workouts.

Some of the things we chatted about are:
• People’s initial reaction upon hearing about Perifit, but upon hearing the reason and benefits, an enlightenment of sorts take place and they realize the significance of the product (1:54).
• How a female friend who gave birth a few years back jokingly asked him to create a game for her pelvic floor rehabilitation, and how after a few years of research, design, and consultation with specialists, the Perifit was born (2:52)
• The anatomical and physiological functions of the pelvic floor, the importance of this set of muscles, and the difficulties of properly training the pelvic floor (5:48).
• My experience with a woman who did Kegel exercises and how she controls the pelvic muscles which made her vagina seem tighter (which can increase the sensation but can also go to a certain level that it is too tight that instead of arousal, it brings pain) (9:17).
• The benefits of being able to control the contractions and release of pelvic muscles (11:18), incontinence issues as an effect of childbirth or aging, and the need for pelvic floor rehabilitation which can be aided and made more accessible through Perifit (19:14).
• The advantages of using Perifit (vs Ben Wa Balls and plain Kegel exercises) which provides coaching, progress monitoring, and fun by gamifying the workout (12:28).
• He also goes into the nitty gritty of the product’s design backed up by medical research on the pelvic floor’s anatomy (16:53).

If you want to connect with Perifit, you can go here.

A truly educational episode that can shed some light on anatomy and physiology, arousal and orgasm, and issues that are rarely discussed but are actual problems women face.

Thanks for listening to this episode, and if you found this episode insightful, share it to your friends who might find it helpful too – together, we can make the world better one tight pussy at a time.

Artem is the co-founder and CEO of Perifit. After meeting his associate Cyril Haoudi in Engineering School, Artem founded X6 Innovations, a start-up which designs smart connected devices. Perifit is the second product of X6 Innovations. It’s a smart Kegel trainer which helps you with your pelvic floor workout by using your pelvic floor as a game controller.

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