EP094: From Orphan to Relationships Educator | Luis Congdon


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Today’s guest on Modern Sex Talks is Luis Congdon. He is one half of the Thriving Launch, together with our previous guest, Kamala Chambers. The duo travels the world, helping entrepreneurs and startups through digital and network marketing.
Luis grew up in Colombia where he found himself homeless at age 5 following the demise of his mother. A series of events led him to ending up in the US and finding a job working with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, relationship scientists.
Amidst the traveling, he’s been doing, Luis found the time to chat with me, where he shares:
• How his life had fallen apart a few years ago, with problems in his career, finances, and relationships that left him homeless (3:35) and how this led to his journey towards a lucrative business that has him and his business/life partner traveling the world, and helping people with their relationships and businesses (5:17).
• An account of his background growing in Medellin, Colombia during the height of the cocaine cartel (7:21).
• The Course in Miracles, a book Luis recommends people to read, and how this played a part in meeting and establishing a relationship with his estranged father, and how the book provides a non-denominational spiritual experience (9:57).
• His experience working with the foremost relationship scientists in history, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and the highly accurate system and the study they created on why relationships fail or succeed (12:56).
• His job at the Gottman Institute, utilizing the findings of the researches on how it can impact the lives and relationships of low income families (16:18).
• Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which are habits / actions (i.e. Stonewalling, Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt) that couples do which inevitably cause the stress and crumbling of relationships (20:11).
• How to prevent problems from arising out of relationships, what happy couples do that make the relationship work (32:30), the concept of Repair Attempts, and its importance (37:6, 41:39).
• And more than longevity, what makes up a truly successful relationship (41:15).
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