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Today, we talk to Rebecca Clio Gould, certified integrative nutrition health coach, women’s health and empowerment coach, sexual awakening for women facilitator, Sheng Zhen, Qi Gong and meditation instructor, massage therapist, and author of the book The Multi-Orgasmic Diet.

Rebecca and I talk on this podcast about the concepts, touched on in her book and how this can help women, and even men to embrace their sexual energy, awaken the senses, and take care of their well-being

In this episode, learn about:

Rebecca’s career background that delves on holistic health and happiness or the body, mind, spirit, as well as sexuality and sensuality (2:15).
A short overview of the book Multi-Orgasmic Diet, her objective when she wrote it (5:28, 44:42), and her target audience / market for it (37:44).
How a long plane ride home gave way to an epiphany of writing the book (10:38).
The process of writing the book (13:20, 19:05), the roadblocks, and realizations she’d had in the process of writing (15:28) and marketing the book (17:52).
What she meant by ‘Multi-Orgasmic’ (22:31), her favorite parts of the book (14:06), the menu and some of the practices detailed in the book (26:40, 30:54).
Anecdotes on how sexuality relates to diet, which involves pineapples, asparagus (5:05), and pizza (34:06).
Takeaways that one can realize upon reading the book (22:31, 32:52; 36:10, 40:40, 48:00), and the best way to digest The Multi-Orgasmic Diet (42:54)

To connect with Rebecca and if you want to take this discussion further you may reach her at the following platforms:
Website http://www.rebeccacliogould.com/, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of her book The Multi-Orgasmic Diet: Embrace Your Sexual Energy and Awaken Your Senses for a Healthier, Happier, Sexier You.

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