BONUS: Big growth to Modern SexTalks


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Modern SexTalks is growing! And we’re excited for this change 🙂 But in order for us to grow properly, we need to change our name (back to what it was before! silly us). Social Media sites and google advertising prevents us from any kind of marketing or advertising because our name has the word “Sex” in it. And because we’re a relatively new company, organic searches are not easy to come by.

Word of mouth is how we’ve grown this last year, but it’s the only way we’ve grown, and this is limiting.

In order for us to really have the kind of impact we want to have, we need to market. And in order to do that, we need a name that fits the marketing guidelines of the sites we primarily use.

I get into the details in this short episode. Since you’ve been so loyal, we thought you should be part of this change with us, and know what we’re doing.

If you would like to support us, you can send some resources our way at Thank you very much for being part of our community.

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