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Dating can be daunting. Time, effort and money is spent for a minuscule chance of finding someone you’ll actually enjoy talking to or to spend the rest of your life with.

As life gets faster, busier, people seem to find less time to deliberately allocate time to connect. To assist, dating sites and apps abound, allowing you to access a sea of fishes during your downtime, as you grab lunch, on your commute, even when you’re in the bathroom. Unfortunately, dating sites and apps can limit your potential matches based on a set list of profile information as filters. In reality, finding a match and dating can be a little bit more complicated.

Mimi Lauzon is a dating coach and matchmaker. Based in Vancouver, she helps people find love. She attributes her high success rate as a matchmaker to her diligence in doing the groundwork of really getting to know the clients to come up with a curated set of potential matches.

When we’re not cracking each other up during this episode, Mimi and I chatted about dating, sex, the hook-up culture, the matchmaking industry, and even a bit about high school stereotypes. We’ve discussed various topics including the following points:

• The importance of being clear on what you want in a relationship and the reason she discourages rubbing genitals before monogamy (2:16).
• Ways to decode and reflect what it is that your heart and your brain really wants (10:03).
• Why she wants to bring romance and real love back amidst the prevalence of hook up culture (13:30).
• Differentiating infatuation from real love (14:42).
• How our true intentions and our energy sabotages our chances for a real relationship (16:42).
• Her clients’ profiles and how she ensures a high success rate as a matchmaker (19:08).
• Dealing clients with very specific requirements (25:40).
• The importance of asking questions on a date and more pointers (from my mom) on what to do before dating (30:15).
• Stories illustrating the importance of taking the time to investigate and get to a person when it comes to dating (32:41).
• The 36 questions and exercises that are guaranteed to lead you to love (37:22).
• What limits people from finding their match (39:53).
• How our high school personas strengthened and shaped us into who we are now (41:51).
• How matchmaking reality shows are creating misconceptions about matchmaking (47:49).
• Her experience with clients who expect miracles from matchmakers (50:52).
• How she collects important information about the client for compatibility matching (52:48).
• The client-matchmaker dynamics and the responsibilities of both parties (54:25).
• The concept of conscious dating and the different avenues of conscious dating (1:00:16).
• How simple connecting can be if we just try to be less anxious and be more aware of opportunities to do so (1:04:00).
With lots of interesting insights about matchmaking, relationships, and being alive in general, it was super fun talking to Mimi.

If you think dating is an aspect of your life that you need help with because dating apps and sites just aren’t cutting it anymore, reach out to Mimi. Mimi provides matchmaking services within Vancouver and coaching for anyone who needs dating help anywhere in the world. Email her at mimilauzon [at] live.com or give her a call at 778-871-3175.

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I truly appreciate you spending the time listening to the show. If you think this episode can help other people you know who are struggling with dating, feel free to share this with them. For feedback, inquiries or suggestion, email me at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com.

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