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Instead of the usual sex and relationship professionals that I invite on the podcast, I will be taking it light this week with guest Billy Procida – he is a stand-up comedian based in NYC and the host of the Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love.
He’s been doing the Manwhore Podcast for 3 years and today we talked about what motivated him to do so, his sexual encounters, things that he likes and does not like when it comes to sex, why his motto is try anything twice, and a bit of self-reflection.
Let’s get the show going, and listen as we chatted about:
His decision to start the podcast wanting to know girls hook up with him but do not want to date him, and what it takes to take on a project like the Manwhore Podcast (4:56).
The naked podcast episodes, how these piqued a lot of his audience’s interest, and his upcoming guests for more of the naked series (9:05).
His experience talking with his past lovers and why jealousy was never an issue in those instances (11:50).
His point of view with the existence of labels pertaining to gender, sexuality, and relationships, and how he sees these buzzwords to be related to a sense of belongingness (15:30).
The recurring or common themes that he noticed after talking with his past lovers as to why they hook up with him but don’t want to date him (22:25).
His interesting sexual encounters involving gangbangs, bukakis, sex parties (24:00), and BDSM – which he decided is not for him (32:12).
How stand-up comedy made him comfortable talking about seemingly taboo sex experiences (30:13).
His rule not to have sex on first hook-up, which is not driven by morality or tradition, but to make sex more awesome, and why it’s not healthy to be orgasm-centric (34:50).
People’s expectations and misconceptions that come with his ‘manwhore persona’ (38:42), and getting reviews and feedback about our respective podcasts and us as personalities (44:02).
How he learned empathy, being a better listener, taking criticism, and kindness through the Manwhore podcast (41:40), and my own anecdote about learning empathy (53:57).
Why being so right-brained can be bad, and a quote he would like to share related to this (50:44).
“So it remains important and salutary to speak not only of the rational and easily understood but also of enigmatic things: the irrational and ambiguous. To speak both privately and publicly”
To connect with Billy, you can check out the links below:
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Billy Procida (@TheBillyProcida) | Twitter
The Manwhore Podcast | Facebook

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