EP164: Jealousy and it’s “Cure” | Lianna Walden

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These are the three things central to this episode and I have Lianna Walden back on the show to talk about these concepts and how they play out in real-life relationships.

Lianna is a sex and relationship coach and sexual energy healer who works on non-traditional relationships including bisexuality and non-monogamy. She connects with people, finds out about what’s happening to them sexually and uses this knowledge to help them get through their relationships and lives.

Some of the areas we’ve discussed today are:
• What her partner revealed that led into opening up their relationship and exploring non-monogamy (8:37).
• The phases of jealousy and types of fears that Lianna and her partner went through during this experimentation phase, the relationships they had, and how they worked their way through that experience (11:31).
• Tackling non-monogamy and the inevitable jealousy in the setup, and how it affects the parties involved in her workshops (19:40).
• The role threat, insecurity, and low self-esteem plays in the experience of jealousy and decoding the difference between jealousy and envy (21:11; 39:10).
• How awareness/mindfulness can make one distinguish if jealousy or whatever emotion they’re feeling is healthy or unhealthy (26:25).
• Practicing consensual decisions and communication, which leads to the gradual process towards compersion and freedom, as the healthiest path to get over the darker emotions related with jealousy (30:20; 42:25).
• The idea that you are not being loving when you are in a jealous state (39:20).
• How to slowly transition into or experience a non-traditional or non-monogamous relationship by laying out boundaries, seeing how the emotions play out, and gradually figuring out if those boundaries can be expanded through constant communication (52:20).
• Jealousy to be seen as an opportunity to explore and communicate our needs, boundaries, insecurities, understand self-love and relationships – a means to an end – instead of just seeing it as a sole negative feeling, and why I likened jealousy to brussel sprouts (53:15).
• Why jealousy can be the catalyst to create a spark and reignite passion in a relationship (1:00:23).

To connect with Lianna:
Sex and Relationship Coach | Lianna Walden
Lianna Walden | Facebook
Lianna Walden | YouTube

It was an interesting conversation from the jump-off of her personal account of the experience all the way to the realization on how to best view jealousy.

Thanks for tuning in today, I hope you find this episode insightful, and if you have feedback on the episode or the show, I’d love to hear them.

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