EP194: Redefine Your Value and Identity (for women…mostly) | Alexa Martinez

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A Catholic School girl, a pageant girl, a biology graduate, a cruise ship art dealer, and a sex educator. These titles might seem to be of different individuals, but these are all Alexa Martinez, at different stages of her life.

Alexa, a.k.a. the Violet Butterfly has gone through multiple metamorphoses in her life. Now she lives for sharing her personal stories and the lessons she learned through these transformations. She is a writer, speaker, and influencer when it comes to relationship and sex education. Her podcast, Kaleidoscope Radio, is just one of the avenues she uses to educate people about love, relationships, sexuality, and sex.

Today, Alexa shared snippets of her life which led her to take the path as a sex educator. It is an enthralling story that left me with a loss for words. Alexa brought us on a journey to her personal and sexual enlightenment in this episode as we talked about:

• Her background growing up as a Catholic School girl in Louisiana and ending up with a degree in Biology (07:57).
• What is The Orange Queen, and the stories that surrounded this phase in her life (13:41).
• Thinking that her life was falling apart at 21 and how a girl’s trip with her mom and sister changed the trajectory she’s headed (21:36).
• A guy, a cruise ship, an art dealer job, and a relationship (26:45).
• The relationship drama that caused her to lose herself, and taking back everything by rebuilding her life through personal development (29:42).
• A man and a book that challenged her beliefs and made her realize the reason for past pains (36:52).
• How her upbringing and the society caused self-worth and body issues, and our more evolved, current take on attractiveness (41:43).
• Sex education, sexuality, women taking control of their bodies, and reproductive rights (48:21).
• Experiencing rock bottom going through health and relationship issues and turning things around through the lessons she’s learned (50:12).
• How things fall into place when she went through a complete paradigm shift from shame to acceptance of herself, her body and her sexuality (54:32).
• A sexy idea/project that we want to get the people’s feedback on (1:09:02)

If you want to know more about Alexa and hear more about her candid and unfiltered stories, check out her blog at The Violet Butterfly and the Kaleidoscope Radio Podcast. You can also reach her through Facebook at The Violet Butterfly.

I hope that you enjoyed our conversation and feel free to share this to your social networks. I would like to hear your thoughts – for your questions, ideas and suggestions about the episode or the show, email me at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com.

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