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Ever wondered how you can pick up and seduce women effectively? Ross Jeffries just might help you in this area… and more.

Ross is a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner – so I might have been under the power of his hypnosis on this episode.

Ross Jeffries applies and teaches conversational hypnosis to seduce women and this is what we will deep-dive on today. If you perceive that the practice of hypnosis overrides human autonomy and volition, let our conversation guide you on how this seemingly sketchy practice can help people traverse relationships.

A controversial subject, I suggest you hold your judgments and listen as we delve into it and discuss:

  • His background, Tom Cruise’s role in the movie Magnolia as inspired by his practice, and creating a deviant sex subculture (3:22).
  • How copywriting and social engineering led to his business that provoked the power structure, and how women reacted to this (5:39).
  • What he sees as the difference between influencing, manipulating, and lying (10:20).
  • Using the power of influence and language to get men what they need (or want), and how this can shape consciousness, decisions, and behavior (13:48).
  • A sample of how he uses language and rapport to spark interest and even sexualize conversations (14:46).
  • His work using NLP, conditioning, associating, and meditation to help men get over anxiety and failure, and be happier (18:20; 22:46).
  • How Buddhist principles of pleasure and craving factor in the area of seduction and sex (26:47).
  • The controversy surrounding his branding and marketing persona (31:10).
  • Unlocking someone’s desire through the power of suggestion and encouraging imagination (34:54).
  • How people mistake these skills and the power it holds as a form of manipulation (37:20).
  • The much bigger picture of NLP improving relationships through communication skills that enable people to be more deliberate in their conversations and relationships, and eliciting responses (46:10)
  • How his teaching is set apart from common pick-up artists and the rest of the seduction community, with background sweeping cognitive psychology, anthropology, semantics, and even business (51:22).
  • His relationship with his mother as the precursor for his curiosity and interest in learning (53:58).
  • How the developments in his life shaped the track of his career, and how practicing meditation shifted the trajectory of his teachings from ‘provocateur’ to ‘elder of the tribe’ (55:17).

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Hopefully, our conversation was able to shed light on whatever misconception most people had – including me – on what Ross advocates and teaches.

Don’t forget to watch Ross Jeffries’ free video about mistakes men do interacting with women, or you can also schedule a one-on-one consultation so Ross can help you through the power of persuasion and influence.

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