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Roughly 70% of ER cases are now stress-induced – which makes one think, are psychological and mental issues linked to the physical pain we experience? Are our present-day illnesses actually psychosomatic?

Dr. Nima has been a practicing chiropractor for 16 years but decided to shift gears upon observing with a close colleague and friend the trend with the majority of the ER cases. A shorter episode than the usual, but one that will provide relevant information and insights to our health.

Dr. Nima Rahmany attended one of my events “Secret Relationship Wisdom from Sex Workers”, and we found ourselves engaged in a conversation about the correlation between chronic pain and sexual trauma.

Being in an event with lots of other participants, we weren’t able to deep-dive as much as we wanted to on our conversation, and this episode serves as an extension of that conversation that we weren’t able to fully conclude.

He talks about his experiences and his advocacy for a more holistic approach to healing. Just some of the subjects in this conversation include:

• Why he decided to charge course 16 years in his chiropractic practice, and what he does to resolve issues that plague human health through his workshop and programs (2:14).
• What is trauma, examples of trauma, how it impacts one’s health and how to heal (4:40).
• How stress and anxiety manifest, how chiropractic work can affect all the other body systems to allow healing of the physical manifestation of the stress and its underlying reasons (5:38).
• The pattern Dr. Nima observed between chronic pelvic pain and sexual trauma, and questions to ask when symptoms of irregularities manifest, as well as his personal experience with such health conditions (9:03)
• What modern medicine misses with symptoms and diagnosis, the disconnect between modern medicine, and what people see as new age force and energy healing, and why Dr. Nima finds it necessary to consider both towards holistic health (14:30).
• Patients who overcame physical and psychological pain through his programs, a depressed client who was suffering herpes for 10 years, and how her body managed herpes flare-ups through the program (19:00).

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Dr. Nima Rahmany (@drnima) | Twitter

That last part was quite astonishing if you ask me. It is awesome how Dr. Nima is able to bridge the gap between hard science and modern medicine with alternative healing and use his knowledge on both fields for the best results.

Thank you for your continuous support and feel free to share this episode with anyone whom you think will benefit from it. For feedback, inquiries or suggestion, shoot me an email at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com – I make sure to read all of those!

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