EP132: 3 Steps I used to Overcome my Hatred for Women | Ryan Thomas

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I used to hate women. I used to really despise them. I thought they were all out to cheat on men, manipulate them, use them for their money, take away their children and generally hurt men in every way possible. I was basically the equivalent of a man hating feminist, but a woman hating “meninist.”

My routine thought of “why don’t women like me” plagued my mind. I would have women I was highly attracted to tell me “I like you, but just as a friend. I just wish more guys were like you…I keep dating assholes.” This fed into my anger. How could women be so stupid as to date guys that would hurt them, when I was such a “nice guy”?

But once I realized the biggest factor in my happiness with women, that I started to heal from that anger and hate. And through that healing process, my relationships with women did a complete 180. Although I still get frustrated with women (don’t we all get frustrated with each other sometimes though?), I love, admire, respect and trust women in ways I couldn’t have even considered nearly a decade ago.

I share the steps I went through during that healing process. Enjoy the show!

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