EP114: How to Handle a Small Penis | Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

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Small penis’ are a topic of conversation amongst women, and secretly amongst men. So many men are concerned with their penis size (average size is ~5″ in North America) and women often don’t know how to respond if they find out their parnter has a smaller one.

So in this episode, I’m not talking about how to physically handle it. I’m talking about what society expects from men, how the Greek’s used to admire smaller penis’, and what you can do if your partner has a smaller penis (if that’s something that’s a big deal for you).

I also give some advice on how, if a smaller penis is something you don’t want, to get out of the situation. Let’s be honest though, yes, penis size does matter for certain types of pleasure. But if you’re looking for marriage, you’re probably going to be more concerned with his character; not his penis size. And if he’s good with his hands and his mouth, he’ll be able to make you orgasm better than an average lover with an average size penis.

I also tell you about my first wet dream when explaining why it’s okay to want a larger cock. Enjoy the show!

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