EP198 Part1: Group Sex and Multiple Partners | Special Guest

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For some, the idea of being in a relationship with just one person can downright drive them crazy. But imagine being in a relationship with FOUR. That is bound to get crazy, right?


My friend, who shall remain unnamed at his request, lets us take a peek into his world. One where polyamory and group sex is preferred, if not the norm. Join us as we try to understand him and his lifestyle, and unpack the intricacies and dynamics of a polyamorous relationship.

Below are some of the things we’ve touched on our conversation:

• His interests and the role sexuality plays in his life (02:41).
• How I recall meeting him at a sex party and how interesting our introduction was(04:50).
• His explanation on the way he approaches people, and what he perceives as the reason why other people do not do this (08:07).
• His approach to relationships that provides self-reliance and freedom from concepts of possession and jealousy (10:04).
• How many partners he has and his primary partner’s lovers (13:03).
• The process of getting educated about polyamory, jealousy, and compersion (15:36).
• The type of relationships he had prior his awakening to the life and relationships that he authentically wants (18:41).
• The dynamics of the lifestyle, relationship, and sexual encounters he and his partners are in (23:21).
• Navigating his partners’ feelings before, during and after a relationship with him (31:28).
• Cultivating deep connections and intimacy with all the individuals involved in the relationship (36:01).
• Dealing with feelings of insecurity and being left out in a group sex scenario (38:22).
• Why he chose not to compartmentalize his sexuality from his life (40:14).
• What he sees as foremost before getting into a relationship (43:14).
• How he opens up the subject of polyamory and introducing group sex to a new lover (45:00).

We also throw in some pop culture references and anecdotes about sexual repression, past relationships, and group sex. This episode made me understand what goes on a polyamorous person’s mind, or at least, his version of it. As he has stressed, there really is no one template or formula to navigate this type of relationship. Or any relationship, really. If there’s a key takeaway, it is to live as authentically as possible.

REMEMBER to LISTEN to next week, which is PART 2 of this conversation. His primary partner joins us.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you know other individuals living an authentic lifestyle – someone in an off the beaten path who can be an informative resource and guest… email me at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com with your suggestions!

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