EP120: 1 Skill to Give Her More Orgasms | Ryan Thomas

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The second you need your partner(s) to reach orgasm, or the second you feel like you need to perform and give her great sex, you’ve lost. Exchange that need for approval, for appreciation. Appreciation for the fact that you’re having sex, that she’s with you, that you’re feeling pleasure, that her orgasm says nothing about your manhood, and that your sexual performance says nothing about your manhood and masculinity.

Sexual performance is meant to be FUN, not an arbitrary and subjective measurement of your value as a human fucking being. Once you realize this, you’re no longer bound to your thoughts or fears or insecurities. It is a counter-intuitive power to stop caring about the results. But once you find that power, and you start appreciating, all the mental and emotional blocks fall away and results start to come very easily. Understand this concept, and your life will be so much happier.

Do you want to know 1 major key to giving women orgasms? Here it is: Stop giving a fuck.

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