EP186: Hook-up Culture in the Gay Community | Jeremy Long

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My guest on this episode, Jeremy Long, will attempt to demystify this stigma as he wrote his thesis about the gay hookup culture, the behaviors, and the issues that surrounded it for his criminology degree.

Growing up gay, he was exposed to the underground gay party scene earlier than most, that by the time he was 19, he was already getting sober. His experience plus his natural curiosity on human behavior and motivations led him to study the gay hookup culture and understanding its underlying themes.

We dissect his findings and recommendations based on the research as we discussed:

• His background, and how small decisions led him into bad situations at an early age (1:58), and relapsing after almost a decade (5:28).
• How his experiences drove him to study criminology and become a youth worker (4:50).
• The objectives of his thesis to measure and understand people’s behaviors, experiences, awareness and the consequences of using online channels to meet people and hook up (6:57; 12:22).
• Our different personal experience with online dating (9:00).
• His insights on the stereotypes of gay promiscuity, and the stages in life that might contribute to, if not define, gay sexuality and promiscuity (13:24).
• The issues that turned up as the findings of his research versus the initial assumptions he made prior the survey results (16:32; 27:03).
• The concept of consent in the gay community (17:41), and cases of misrepresentation and fake profile (25:05).
• What are Grindr crimes and the portion of his sample population that reported rape, sexual assault, or other forms of violence (26:25 27:59).
• The dynamics of online dating, and how the sites, apps, and the interactions impact self-esteem (30:50).
• His proposed solution on how to more effectively tread online dating and set boundaries (36:28).
• His recommendations on meeting people and hooking up based on the results of his thesis through identity verification, establishing clearance lines, and taking safety precautions (40:07).

We’ve just scratched the surface of Jeremy’s thesis, and the findings and insights are quite valuable. If you want to read the entire thesis and deep dive on this fully, email Jeremy at long.jdu[at]gmail.com.

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