EP040 – Polyamory Done Right | Mel Mariposa

Edited Polyamory. It sounds crazy but have no fear. Mel Mariposa is a relationship coach. And she specializes in non-monogamous relationships such as polyamory. What the hell does that mean? It means having multiple romantic, emotionally involved relationships. And she helps people figure out how to do the same ethically. Polyamory doesn’t doesn’t mean sleeping around, and she explains why. She also explains how “opening” your relationship can be very dangerous for people who don’t have any experience in the non-monogamous world. She explains how to have the conversations needed in order to make it work. And she explains the concept of compersion, which is essentially the opposite of jealousy. Whether you’re in a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship, she’s got a lot of advice that will build trust and strengthen your relationship. Reach out to Mel at www.radicalrelationshipcoaching.ca or on Facebook at Radical Relationships.

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Mel Mariposa is a relationship coach, and the author of the blog, Polysingleish. She is a queer, polyamorous relationship anarchist, and an advocate for consent culture. With over sixteen years of experience teaching and facilitating classes and workshops, Through her practice, Radical Relationship Coaching, she helps individuals discover new dimensions of their relationships to themselves, and the people in their lives. She lives in Vancouver, BC


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