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Today’s guest is Dana Pharant – a dominatrix, master healer and life strategist who helps people, specifically women, to tap into their inner brilliance, claim their power and become trailblazers.
Dana will clarify in the show what’s the real deal about kinks and sub-dom dynamics, and how principles and skills practiced by doms can be harnessed to get what you want out of life by positively transforming one’s personality, relationship, and even businesses and careers.
Now I do understand should you find confusion over how a dominatrix can be a healer, and that is what she wants to set straight. Some of the things we’ve tackled on this episode are:
• My experience and perception of the submissive-dominant dynamics and Dana’s explanation as to how it actually works (5:10).
• How the submissive, contrary to popular belief, is actually the one in control in S&M scenarios, and its parallelism to a what she does as a healer (7:51).
• The dangers of unawareness of the difference between healthy and unhealthy sexual dynamics, the safety precautions and responsibilities involved in it (9:47), and the consequences of miseducation about kink and sex in general (12:25).
• A background on how Dana got involved with the kink, which enabled her to reclaim power (17:03), her experience’s similarity to somatic bodywork (18:30), and how the spiritual side of S&M world is removed and gets distorted by media (20:50).
• Dana’s current work tapping into the dominatrix mindset (22:18; 27:23), and how it can be used to improve one’s personality, deepen relationships and be maximized in business (15:02; 24:17).
• The importance of expanding your energy field to allow for more potential in your being (28:48), and how liberation through the dominatrix mindset allows this (33:33).
• The difference between the feminine and masculine power, how these work (35:43), plus anecdotes of how feminine power manifest and how it creates authority through trust and caring (40:33).
• The dominatrix experience, the challenges involved in it (48:47), and the significance of intuition in the experience (50:35; 52:35).
If you want to connect with Dana, you can reach her through:
Access Your Inner Dominatrix | Facebook Group
Inner Dominatrix Training | Dana Pharant
Beyond Fear by Dana Pharant

A very interesting topic and conversation indeed – one that headed into a totally different path than I initially imagined, but even more enriching, providing us all with great insights.

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