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Divorces, more often than not, paint a picture of families and/or couples being ripped apart – financial battles for alimony, custody issues and child support.

This episode’s guest is Nina Thiara of Divorce to Happiness. Nina is a divorce coach – quite an ominous title if you ask me. Having experienced traumatic experiences in her life and going through a divorce, Nina identified the need for women to have some form of support and guidance during the often long process of divorce.

Given the less than favorable perception of divorce, I knew I was kinda walking on eggshells when I decided to pursue this episode. Nina and I did not always see eye-to-eye, but I respect the interesting perspective she provided during our conversation.

Specific topics we touched on in our discussion include:

⦁ How Nina’s personal story motivated her to guide and support other women as a divorce coach (01:52; 19:06).

⦁ The story and fears that divorce coaches consider and address that are ignored by divorce lawyers (04:07).

⦁ How inner work made her understand and fix the issues with her physical and mental health, and her marriage (06:38; 13:56).

⦁ How fear of leaving manifests in relationships (10:24).

⦁ The different types of fears felt by people who stay in unhappy relationships (13:01).

⦁ Her insights on the institution of marriage, being in relationships, and managing finances in relationships (19:49).

⦁ How she dealt with her divorce, child support, and resolving the debts she accumulated with her ex-husband as a couple (22:21).

⦁ The different resources available to help and support women going through a divorce (25:53).

⦁ How pain and lack of compassion allow greed to step in amidst divorce (27:39).

⦁ Why child custody is an issue and how kids are used as a control tactic (32:55).

⦁ The importance of understanding a client’s history (35:21).

⦁ Working with people who are unaware of the disparity in their public persona and their subconscious/unconscious self (40:46).

⦁ The different challenges she’s helped her clients with (45:03).

My lack of knowledge and experience in divorce had me really deep-diving into the whys and hows of it. I hope our conversation is able to shed light on the behind-the-scenes of divorce that people rarely pay attention to.

I know a lot of people will benefit from the insights and resources provided in this episode and I encourage you to share it with anyone who might need it.

If you think Nina can help you with what you’re going through, you can connect with her through her website, Divorce to Happiness.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you know other individuals living an authentic lifestyle – someone in an off the beaten path who can be an informative resource and guest… email me at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com with your suggestions!

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