EP091: Discerning Love | Kamala Chambers


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In this episode of Modern Sex Talks, our guest is Kamala Chambers. Kamala Chambers is an embodiment of a self-made success story with her current ventures coaching and supporting startups and entrepreneurs in digital marketing. She founded the Thriving Launch with partner Luis Congdon, and is the author of Road to Love.

But today, we will get to hear about the challenges she’s had coming out of an abusive relationship, trying to find self-love, finding out more of hatred and self-doubt, but ending up finally healing and connecting to a man who became her partner.

Listen as Kamala narrates about:
• The idea of falling in love with everyone (2:40), and loving with discernment (8:56).
• An account of an abusive relationship (30:40), and her hopes of learning more about self-love by joining a Tantra Community (14:17).
• How the place that is expected to teach her about self-love invalidated her feelings and values, lost her trust and made her feel unsafe (19:05).
• The panic attacks that came with the incongruence of her values and the communities’ teaching (30:40).
• How a trip to Bali, the supposed concluding event about self-love for the community drove her into a deep and dark spiral of self-doubt and hate (36:59).
• The process of getting over the experience and finally discovering real self-love (41:26).
• The understanding she gained after those series of events (48:00).

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