EP058: Deliberate Touch | Robert Kandell

Deliberate touch is not as self-explanatory as you may have thought, believe it or not. Sometimes we do it unconsciously because we’re feeling insecure. Which is not sexy. And women often feel uncomfortable asking for what they want, which means men don’t know how to ask. And since men don’t learn how to touch better, and they’re not allowed to ask, their touch is mediocre. It’s a not so merry-go-round.

Robert Kandell, the Founder of Tuff Love has over 15 years of instruction in touch, specifically oriented around female orgasm. He’s going to explain how to have the right mindset around touch, as well as some exercises you can play with at home tonight. If you want to reach Robert, you can find him on Facebook or you can find him at www.kandellconsulting.com and you find his podcast, Tuff Love on the same website or on iTunes.

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