EP069: Delayed Ejaculation | Ryan Thomas

editedSometimes, no matter how turned on we get with a partner, we simply won’t cum.  It’s frustrating as hell for us guys, and it can be insulting for our partners. “Am I not hot enough, or turning you on enough?” are some thoughts that might be rolling around in his/her head.

The truth is, it shouldn’t be insulting. Because when we can’t orgasm, it’s rarely our partner. 95% of the time, it’s our shit that’s preventing us from either knowing our own arousal or communicating our needs or dealing with our sexual shame.  This goes for both women and men.

Today’s episode is a conversation between me and a past client and friend who’s dealt with not being able to ejaculate during sex.  I offer him a few solutions.  Some may resonate well with you, and others may not.  It’s a subjective thing, orgasm.  If you want some personalized, more in depth help, you can reach me at ryan[@] theintimatelifestyle.com for a free 20min consult.

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