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For this week’s episode of Modern SexTalks, we try to understand sexuality and kink on a deeper level with our guest, psychologist and sex therapist Galen Fous.

Galen Fous is the author of Decoding Your Kink and is the pioneer of the Personal Erotic Myth. Unlike most sex psychologist and therapists who believe that alternative sexuality is often brought about by childhood trauma, Galen proposed a different view to deal with kinks, BDSM and other sexual behavior considered taboo by general society.

Listen to this episode as Galen, whose voice is reminiscent of the voice of God – Morgan Freeman, makes us yearn to understand:

• What motivated Galen to explore a niche subject that is discussed on the fringes of psychology (8:19).
• How the current society has a very negative culture surrounding sexuality, and how it is only realized lately that what were considered disorders are actually normal (8:19; 9:54).
• His personal experience, being subjected to a very public and harsh outing amidst a divorce case that judged other facets of his life solely based on his sexual identity (11:02), and how this opened the possibility to raise awareness and become a public advocate to normalize kink sexuality (14:18).
• The importance of community, of a support system of peers and colleagues that help in dealing with both internal conflict and external circumstances (17:31).
• The idea that sex is not necessarily activated at puberty (19:39), and his explanation of the greater dimension of sexuality, the personal erotic myth, and the how the sexual experience gives you a peek of a person’s real sexual identity (20:06).
• What Galen meant by saying Eros is a myth, based on the definition by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell (25:11).
• How the myth manifests in archetypes that people assume as part of their sexuality, and the sacred and profane side of the myth (28:08).
• The notion that debunks that kinks are produced by trauma and is instead innate and is thus normal, not be healed nor fixed (29:56).
• What is a persona and how does it manifest in day to day life and in sexuality (33:33; 36:42).
• What can be done to remove the fear, shame, and stigma surrounding peoples’ authentic sexual identity (41:41).
• How he initiates a working relationship with a client, and how the disenfranchisement of their sexuality manifests in the body level (43:00), and what is a good start to remove the shame, connect deeper and d have an awareness of your desires and experiences (44:30).
• A technique he recommends as part of therapy that will help with containing your erotic persona (47:00).
• Finding the right therapy that works for you (48:54), and how your intention is the anchor if you want to get healed, you must take your steps to support the intentions (50:04).

To reach Galen and learn your Personal Erotic Myth:
Galen Fous Website: http://www.galenfous.com/. You can also do his Personal Erotic Myth Survey and remember to download his book, Decoding Your Kink

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