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Are you a smart, strong, successful woman who wants a masculine man to come whisk you away? Giordana is going to challenge you.

What it means to be a strong woman nowadays means being hyper-masculine. A lot of strong and dominant women nowadays want a strong and dominant man. But that leads them to finding men who leave them saying “I feel like I’m dating a man.” If you’re a strong woman, would you want a man to be effeminate? It’s the same thing for a man. A masculine, dominant man doesn’t want an adversary. He wants a feminine partner.

In this episode with Giordana Toccacelli, she explains that man’s leadership in a relationship is about service. She also brings up, quite poignantly, the concept that we need to become “The One” for our dream partner. Are we the one ourselves? Would our “One True Love” actually want us? Is unconditional love really a thing for romantic partnerships? Giordana broaches some tough topics and will challenge many women to fully step into their femininity. Especially if they’re having a hard time finding a dominant, masculine man as a partner.

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Giordana Toccaceli is fast becoming one of the leading experts on relationships, attracting and keeping love and the Masculine and Feminine dynamic between men and women. Last year alone, Giordana coached thousands of women and hundreds of men into finding soulmate love in record time, attracting life partners, getting beloved exes back and reigniting and healing marriages.

Giordana has worked with Top CEOs, Fortune 500 Owners, Billionaires, Industry Leaders, Celebrities, Models as well as every day extraordinary women and men. She is a regular contributor to Univision’s morning TV Show “Despierta Austin”, is the founder of Woman’s Allure and is launching the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute in February 2017.
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