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Wouldn’t it be nice if dating is made easier? With someone doing the filtering and curating of the potential matches? Not having to deal with people who do not share values, beliefs, and preferences with you?

While dating sites’ personality tests attempt to do that, algorithms can only go so far. When it comes to dating and relationships, human touch is critical. Lucky for Vancouver residents because they have Andrea Hill. Andrea is the woman behind The Dinner Party, Connect Vancouver, and Create Your Love Story. These initiatives are all geared towards creating a better dating and relationship experience.

Andrea joins me on this episode as we chat about dating, dating and relationship issues, personal growth, and even babies.

Just some of the specific topics we’ve shared on the show are:

• The services that Andrea provides to support individuals in their dating and romantic lives (02:52).
• The laid-back West Coast dating culture and a story where a girl I dated tried to justify flakiness (03:46).
• The concept behind The Dinner Party, how Andrea chooses guests, and the rules of The Dinner Party (10:13).
• The success rate of The Dinner Party and its difference with the typical speed dating setting (15:07).
• How Andrea facilitates connection after every dinner party (20:34).
• Comparing the dating experience she had in different areas, realizing the issues that hound dating, and deciding to act on the issue instead of just being an observer (22:20).
• Interesting anecdotes about her past marriage, lessons learned from it, and babies (24:54).
• The many benefits of joining and being a part of The Dinner Party (28:23).
• How Connect Vancouver opens up the dialogue on the issues and experiences of dating and creates empathy amongst people (29:22).
• Insights she’s had as she sat in cafes inviting people to talk to her (34:32).
• Common themes that sprung up Connect Vancouver and what she recommends based on the issues they bring up (42:05).
• An interesting study that links emotions with the pheromones the body produces (45:40).
• What limiting beliefs are and how these keep people from finding love (48:28).
• The guided journey that happens in the Create Your Love Story Program where clients get to create the love story they desire (52:49).
• The importance of constant practice towards growth, and why coaching could help with personal growth and finding love (56:34).

The approach that Andrea takes through her projects is revolutionary yet – as The Dinner Party’s tagline states – old-fashioned. To look inwards and understand what your beliefs and values are when it comes to dating, love and relationship are, instead of being caught up in the hamster wheel of online dating.

If you are interested in the services that Andrea provides, go to The Dinner Party website. You can also check out Andrea Hill (@_andreahill_) on Instagram or Facebook.

I appreciate you listening to the show. I hope you’ll benefit from the insights shared, and share it with your friends so they can also get to learn a thing or two. Chime into the conversation and email info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com for your feedback.

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