At Home Date Night Ideas!

By Victoria Baitson – Sexual Wellness Coach for Moms”

This list will not include sex! If the date goes well sex may or may not happen, but INTIMACY is almost a sure thing.


It is also important to put the date night on the calendar. Make sure your partner knows when it is happening and make sure it works for both of you. Circle it. Make it happen once a week, once a month, whatever you choose. Just be consistent.

Make sure to PLAN the night. Just winging it might lead to just defaulting to what you do on regular nights. If there are props needed, make them ahead of time. They DO NOT have to be Pinterest perfect.

Don’t take your self to seriously! If you put pressure on BEING ROMANTIC, that just sucks the romance right out of it.

  • Movie Niiiiight! Not just putting on Netflix and chilling. Get the popcorn at the ready. Dress up for the theatre. Pick something a little experimental!
  • Hot Topics! Find a website that has some silly or hot topics and take turns asking each other questions. You could also play a game of Would you Rather. There are free apps and online versions that you can find.
  • Play games! Charades, board games, card games (I’m not opposed to you adding stripping rules to almost anything)
    Maybe even pull out an old puzzle!
  • Lights out! Turn off ALL electronics and get out some candles. Tell some ghost stories, eat some dinner or dessert.
  • Massage Parlour (You can turn up the heat by role playing) Take turns massaging each other.
  • Be young again! Play simon says, truth or dare, and spin the bottle.
  • Watch a sporting event, maybe something that was PVR’s. Raise the stakes and gamble for chores, favours, etc.
  • Gaming night! Take turns or play against together!
  • Read to each other. Find a script online of a movie you both like and read parts from.
  • Karaoke night! You can either bring out the karaoke machine or sing along to songs on youtube.
  • Slow dancing, after dinner put on some sexy, slow music and slow dance together.
  • Tasting nights. Do whatever you both like, wine, cheese, beer, chocolate anything!
  • Wrestling match! Make sure you do this where you won’t break anything.
  • Naked Pictionary. Draw or write words on your partner’s back and have them guess it.

Okay, since it is me. Here are some date ideas that are of the super sexy variety (anything above can be MADE sexy too! Your imagination is your limit.

  • Sexy sex card game. Every suit is a sexual favour. You choose! Spades – Oral, Hearts -massage, Clubs – Kissing,
  • Diamonds – Handsy stimulation. The value of the card if for how many seconds (or minutes) you have to do! Foreplay = Everybody wins!
  • Sexy Truth or Dare – ideas for dares: Lap dance, Unhook a bra with one hand, *add action here* to *add body part here* for *add a certain time here*
  • Play a sexy dice Game! Don’t have dice? Print and cut out my set!
  • Role play! Examples: Happy ending massage palour employee and guest (mentioned above), Doctor and Nurse, Repair person and lonely house person, Stripper who went to the wrong house (but will strip anyway). When you are roleplaying you can switch it up and role play ANY character.
  • Enjoy a new toy or experience together. Maybe edible body paint!
  • Guess the sensation! Get some ice cubes and feathers. One partner gets blindfolded and has to guess the sensation they feel.

There are so much more you can do on your date night! Your imagination is your limit!


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