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Do you know the most natural-feeling condom brand and type there is out there? Or do you know how a tissue roll can gauge you or your partner’s penis size compared to the rest of the world?

Those are just some of the things you’ll learn on this week’s very informative episode, as Matt Mandell, CEO of Condomania joins me on the show. Condomania is a company that was established in 1991 during the peak of the AIDS crisis and has been America’s, if not the world’s first condom source. With the dawn of the internet, Condomania created their website as early as 1995 that allows people to shop for their condom needs and more, one of the pioneers of e-commerce.

Matt and I talked about condoms, lubricants, issues, my unusual sexual fear, and other topics not as widely talked about as they are experienced in the real world on this episode with a healthy dose of humor.

Topics we’ve covered are:

• Condomania’s product mix and loyal customer base (1:46).
• The emotional and/or mental issues involved with being on the opposite poles of the scale based on the FDA’s standards on condom size (6:40).
• The extent of the service they provide from a wide range of condom options, supplementary tools like sex toys, and even supporting their clients on a personal level and educating them about sex that is not penis-centric or size-dependent (9:08).
• Condom size categories and a basic measurement hack how to gauge one’s standing in the small-average-large condom size spectrum (12:57).
• Natural lambskin condoms, what it’s made of, and its pros and cons, and the difference in terms of shape and feel between different types of condoms. (15:44)
• A personal narrative of condoms slipping, common causes to condom slipping off apart from size, and how to resolve this issue (24:43).
• Reasons why condoms break and the significance of lube in the problem (30:38).
• The limitations that hinder Condomania from legally catering to people in the extreme zones with regards to penis size (32:16).
• The range of the sizes of the condom they produce from the smallest to largest, the brands that produce the smaller sizes, and measuring for custom orders (35:15).
• Where condoms are manufactured, the different materials used, and the differences in manufacturing between the different types of condoms (40:05).
• Lubricants and special lube products that affect sexual contact stimuli (47:30).
• Commonly reported issues or problems that guys encounter using condoms (50:58).
• Different type of lubes, how they work, how and where to use them, their benefits, and things to watch out for (2:33).
• Condomania’s user-driven approach to merchandising, and integrity in ensuring the safety of their clients through their product lineup and by even providing Condom Liability Insurance (1:01:05).
• His personal insights on the effectiveness of sexual performance boosting and penis size enhancement products and procedures (1:05:40).

To connect with Matt and check out the product line-up of Condomania, check the info below:
matt [at] condomania.com
1-800-9-CONDOM (1-800-9266366)

This conversation has been very informative, even for me who’s relatively learned on the subject of sex. If you think it was quite enlightening too, highly recommend that you share this so more people will be better educated about the tools used for intimacy like condoms and lubricants.

Thanks for tuning in today, I hope you find this episode insightful as I did. If you have feedback or suggestions on the episode or the show, I’d love to hear it – email us at info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com.

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