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We’re running the whole gamut here in Modern Sex Talks – we talk about dating, relationship, sex, and everything in between. And by that, I mean the conclusion of relationships too – we do end to end, and even in circles.

We had a divorce coach join us a couple of weeks ago, and now we have a breakup specialist. Rebekah Freedom is our guest for this episode. A former addictions counselor, she saw the parallelism between addiction to substances and the feelings of euphoria brought about by love and relationships. An evolution driven by her own heartbreaks led to the label she carries now as a breakup specialist and author of the book Breakup Rehab.

The book, her experiences and the opinions we both have about relationships and breakups is the focal point in our conversation. Some specific points we unpacked on this episode are:
• How she merges her clinical and spiritual background when helping people go through breakups (03:33).
• What drove the inception of the Break-Up Rehab, and what propelled her to finish writing the book (05:26).
• An interesting narrative on why she developed an aversion for substances (06:24).
• The backstory on the dramatic demise of her first love and a reunion a decade after (08:35).
• Why being in a relationship is getting you addicted to that other person on a biological level (12:31).
• The reason behind the title of the book which goes back to the meaning and purpose of rehabilitation (14:22).
• Shaping the framework of her 12-step program (16:45).
• Tools that allow for introspection when you’re caught up in the emotions of a breakup (19:36).
• What is Vipassana Meditation and how it unearths the authentic self (28:17).
• A quick rundown of Breakup Rehab’s 12-steps which are also the chapters of the book (30:27).
• How examining and letting go of judgments allows us to move into awareness and compassion (38:15).
• Why she thinks the no-contact rule is one of the more compassionate things you can do after a breakup (42:54).
• The healthy and normal phase of being erratic after a breakup and her experience dealing with it (45:13).
• The importance of doing rehab towards future relationship success (47:35).
• Struggling with the same issues she’s helping people as the hardest lesson she has to learn (49:20).
• Our opinions on polyamory (50:08).
• The significance of continuously learning towards growth (55:45).
• Why you should treat breakups like a physical injury (57:44).
• The critical role that a coach, therapist or counsellor plays in your life and relationships (1:00:01)

Rarely do we view breakups as a period to learn love, and this conversation provided just that. And honestly, we’ve barely scratched the surface.
If you want to learn more about the Breakup Rehab, purchase Rebekah’s book, go to her website RebekahFreedom.Com, or listen to her podcast Heard Not Seen.

I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere will greatly benefit from listening to this episode, and if you know that someone who needs it – share this to them. Reaching more people is one way for Modern Sex Talks to raise awareness about issues that we encounter in life, love, sex, and relationships.

Thanks for taking the time and tuning in. I’d love to hear your thoughts by emailing info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com for your feedback. Until next time!

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