EP082: Bisexual Shame | Filip Sierpinski

editedBisexuality can be fucking tough for men, and Filip Sierpinski knows that first hand. Society allows women to be bisexual more than we accept a man’s. This means that if a man is bisexual, he feels his masculinity instantly diminish. His heterosexual friends will turn their backs on him for being a little gay, and he can get outed from the gay community because he’s not “gay enough” and hasn’t committed to being gay yet.

Alchemically, these are the makings of shame. And shame is the killer of love, compassion, and confidence. Filip shares everything he did to get himself out of a shame filled mentality so that he could lead a happier life.

He found that his constant depressions and anxiety weren’t due to his being bisexual or any fault of his. He realized that they were a result of him refusing to accept himself for who he was. Once he did that, his shame instantly started to disappear, and his happiness, confidence, and self-esteem started to soar. He has an incredible story to share. If you want to reach him, you can find him at www.filipsierpinski.com or his podcast on iTunes titled Your Next Chapter. You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Filip spent his 20s shifting searching for a career he loved, from co-founding a non-profit, coaching tennis, running his own marketing firm to working in a boutique investment firm.

After moving from one career to another, Filip decided to use his passion for helping people to support millennials in their transitions. He is now a lifestyle design coach, motivator and host of the podcast ‘Your Next Chapter’ supporting his audience and clients in creating the relationships, businesses and careers they imagine.


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