EP217 – The STD “Talk” Made Simple with the Biem App | Brian Stacy

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Technology has enabled us all to make leaps and bounds in different facets of our lives. From the most extraordinary feats to the seemingly mundane ways that it is making things easier on our day-to-day. From engineering, transportation, government intelligence, forensic sciences, to medicine, health, dating, and even sex.

Bryan Stacy is one of the pioneers who decided to use technology to spark a change in how we see sexual health and how it impacts our relationhsips. He battled and overcame testicular cancer a few years ago. It is this experience that motivated his passion to raise awareness on sexual health. He co-founded Biem – an app that empowers people to take control of their sexual health and use this information to aid their dating game.

Some of the topics we’ve explored in our discussion are:

• How discovering that he has testicular cancer and chlamydia changed the trajectory of his career (03:00).
• Coping with testicular cancer by blogging about the ailment’s emotional toll (06:48).
• The early beginnings of Biem, its goals, and crazy ideas they had to achieve their goal (09:05).
• What is smart sex, and an overview of what the app does and provides (12:43).
• How the app makes it easier for people to have the conversation about sexual health (18:13).
• The design of the phone application that secures user data privacy (20:11).
• Getting information into the app, improving app features and content, and simplifying the information for its users (26:38).
• How the LGBTQ community are trailblazers in when it comes to sexual health transparency (29:46).
• Integrating Biem with dating apps, and a few dating apps that we recommend (31:56).
• Moving away from society’s stigma about being tested positive for certain STD/STIs (42:37).
• The level of people’s sexual health awareness based on demographic segments (49:54).
• The various health complications resulting from STD/STIs and vaccines available for specific STD/STIs (53:17).
• Opening up the sexual health conversation between parents and their children (1:02:19).

This is an immensely educational episode – and Bryan’s story on his bout with testicular cancer and chlamydia… that can be another episode! Stories of people’s experiences and struggles driving them to make innovations and be the change the world needs are always inspirational. And in this case, it is even practical.

To know more about Biem, visit their website BiemTeam.com or reach out to Bryan via Twitter. Biem, the app, is available for both Android and iOS.

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I am always grateful for the time you take to tune in to the show. Slowly we can raise awareness on the myriad of issues and topics surrounding sex, relationships and dating. (Add something about the hiatus here?)

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