EP073 – Attitude and Great Sex | Eyal Matsliah

Bringing a woman to orgasm through a hug? Yea, I was about ready to call bullshit until I heard Eyal Matsliah’s story. What is very interesting about this man is that since he never watched porn growing up, he learned about sexuality through erotica novels. As a result, he teaches men how to pleasure, heal and empower women which is more important than any physical skill. And he teaches women how to relax, embody pleasure and surrender.

He took training in tantric massage so that he could give women amazing orgasms. Over time, he realized that men were relying too much on the physical skills, and didn’t know how to seduce. And he realized that women had a hard time reaching orgasm as a result of emotional and sexual trauma.
Now, he also teaches people how to massage the yoni (aka vagina) to help women experience the most amount of pleasure their body can give them. He attributes men’s ability to bring a woman to orgasm to their attitude; not their sexual skill.
He shares what he means by this in todays episode. And he also shares information on the 5 different types of touch that he has never before shared in a free public forum, so you’re getting a nice treat today. You can find Eyal at www.intimatepower.com, on Instagram or LinkedIn.
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