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Today’s guests are Anastasia Petrenko and Gregory Deale. Anastasia is the daughter of author Olga Petrenko who wrote Intimacy on the Plate, a book about aphrodisiacs and ways to improve sexual appetite and relationships through food. Meanwhile, Gregory is an independent publisher who helped Olga and Anastasia to get the book into the western market. Olga Petrenko does not speak English, but her daughter Anastasia and friend/publisher Gregory discussed the contents of the book.
The three of us discussed what to expect in the book, some scientific trivia about well-known aphrodisiacs, the difference of how men and women consume food and enjoy sex, and so much more.
Some of the things you’ll hear about in this episode are:
• Olga’s background as a housewife who, as per Anastasia’s memory, had always been creative in the kitchen coming up with recipes and is quite famous with her social circle for her cooking skills. Coupled with Olga’s interest in chemistry, she came up with the idea of writing a cookbook of aphrodisiacs (2:44). Anastasia thinks this might also be the secret behind her parents’ 35 happy years of marriage (19:34)
• What aphrodisiacs are and how the book highlights different food products that are scientifically found to influence libido and the reproductive system’s functions backed up by research and studies, and how low sex drive might have been caused by nutritional deficiency due to poor diet (5:50; 11:15).
• The importance of the preparation of the food to preserve nutrients, as well as healthy and balanced eating (8:14).
• A wide variety types of recipes and ingredients that can cater to one’s preferences, diet restrictions, availability of ingredients, and one’s sexual needs (13:19), sample recipes which combined different aphrodisiac ingredients that gave us a taste of what to expect in the book (21:17; 27:10).
• How the components found in chocolates cause the aphrodisiac effect through two specific compounds namely phenylethylamine (PEA), which is named as a “love drug”, and theobromine which is produces feeling of joy, thus creating a love euphoria feeling upon consumption (25:35).
• Gregory experience working for a chocolate company years ago which had him consuming free chocolates and made him turned on round the clock (31:08).
• The difference of aphrodisiacs for men and for women, how specific compounds only works as an aphrodisiac for males or just boosts female libido, and a few examples of these (31:40; 33:20; 34:56).
• The significance of serving and plating, creating the mood through visual presentation, and experiencing food with a level of mindfulness for the food and whom you are sharing the meal with (36:01)
• And interesting trivia about using semen for culinary purposes (42:45)
If you found yourself biting off that chocolate in your fridge or devouring an entire bar, or craving perfectly spiced salmon, or wanting some sexy time, I won’t blame you. But if you want to learn more about aphrodisiacs and how to incorporate them into your daily meals, get a copy of Intimacy on the Plate: 200+ Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice Up Your Love Life at Home Tonight by Olga Petrenko through Amazon. OR, you can find her on Facebook. It is 316 pages of nutrient-dense and sexually-charged recipes that are bound to spice up both your kitchen and the bedroom – whether you eat or have sex in both rooms.
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