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A few weeks ago, a woman named Elizabeth Morris who works in a Sex Toy Store in the UK, contacted me with a link to an article about anal sex. Elizabeth is a content researcher and company merchandiser for Carvaka Sex Toys – which aims to get more people informed and educated about their sex lives. Elizabeth is a self-acclaimed anal sex fan and describes that it is more physically and mentally pleasurable and fulfilling when done right.
I am personally not as familiar or experienced with anal sex, so I definitely learned a lot on this episode. Elizabeth found herself giggling over my questions while I fumble for words, further highlighting my inexperience and awkwardness on the subject.
Some of the subjects we’ve covered are:
• How Elizabeth (and the Carvaka Sex Toys store) wants to educate people about the full spectrum of sexual activities, including anal sex (3:23), thus the article she wrote.
• Guidelines on anal sex etiquette, the most basic of which being cleanliness where Elizabeth detailed the hygiene rituals recommended pre-anal sex (5:32).
• My personal experience with anal sex and the issues I encountered, as Elizabeth clarified how to avoid such issues through planning your meals and restroom habits (9:24).
• Elizabeth introduces the P-Spot and the important role it plays in anal sex, and how it can be stimulated (11:06).
• The stigma of society towards anal sex, especially when it is men that are being penetrated, and how it correlates with the traditional gender/sexual roles of dominants and submissives (14:15).
• Elizabeth sets straight the very important question – is the anus tighter than the vagina (19:40)?
• Kegel exercises, and how it affects the muscles surrounding the vagina and the anus for women (21:27).
• The recommended pace for thrusting in anal sex, what are good methods (23:00), and preferred tools to slowly introduce anal stimulation and enjoy anal sex for both men and women (30:31; 31:32; 34:16).
• Elizabeth’s educated insights on the risks and dangers of anal sex, from simple bacterial infection, tissues tearing, sexually transmitted infections and diseases (27:47), and even anal leakage (36:44).
• Elizabeth also expounded on people putting odd objects in their bodies and how to make sure it is safe and doesn’t get lost inside (39:00).

Relevant resources to today’s episode are below:
Carvaka Sex Toys https://carvakasextoys.co.uk/
Butt Plug Ultimate Guide | Carvaka Sex Toys

If you’re like me, who’s a bit clueless about anal sex, I hope that Elizabeth was able to shed light on questions and things that you want to be clarified. Thanks for listening and continuously supporting Modern Sex Talks!

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