About The Intimate Lifestyle


Founded in 2015, The Intimate Lifestyle is a personal growth company centered around sex and relationships.


We curate all the content and resources you could ever need to improve your intimate lifestyle.


We offer free resources such as our Modern SexTalks Podcast, our blogs and shared articles.


We also give you a global reach for higher quality paid products, coaching, books and resources that would otherwise never find for know about.


These resources include:

  • Sex Toys
  • Online Courses/Products/Workshops to improve relationships, sexual performance, sexual confidence, etc
  • Live workshops in your city
  • Knowledge of sex parties in your area
  • Sex positive communities (fetlife.com, www.intothelifestyle.com, etc)
  • Books for personal growth, sex, sexuality, relationships and intimacy
  • Lists of coaches, authors, counsellors, sex therapists you can contact for personal work
  • Educational resources in case you’re looking to work in the fields of sex and/or relationships
  • Charitable organizations


We promise only the best quality products and services here. We will only endorse the resources we’ve tried, tested and trust for ourselves. If we haven’t tried it, we won’t endorse it. But we will still share it here to make your search easier.


We also rely on our community to send us their review of the products they’ve used so we can remove products/services that don’t fit our quality standards. Community based feedback is what furthers our quality control.


Our target audience is men and women, age 20-40, who realize that they are responsible for their own happiness and who want: better sex, better relationships and more fulfillment.


As a side note, we are currently restructuring our website, so although our About Us page describes who we are and what we do, some of the resources may not yet be available. Stay tuned for more updates.

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