EP162: Sex Work Secrets-6 Steps to Being a Healthy Sex Worker | Raven (Part 2)

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Back on the Modern Sex Talks is retired sex worker and modern-day Geisha, Raven. If you have not listened to our first conversation yet, here’s the link to the episode where she shared the enthralling stories of her career, life, and the industry she works in. I highly recommend you listen to that first as this episode is a sequel of sorts to that.

This time, Raven will be giving us insider scoop, trade secrets, and behind-the-scene tips to anyone interested in learning, delving and thriving in the world of sex work.

We’ve covered a lot of informative and interesting subjects this episode. Just some of what we’ve chatted about are:

• Her 6-year relationship that ended as she was just establishing her business and the belief that sex workers are immune to relationship problems like jealousy and infidelity (2:07).
• Her view of the adult entertainment industry as not merely selling sex, but more on selling companionship, acceptance, love and therapy, and how this mindset kept her sane and healthy (7:00; 13:51).
• Sex worker’s defense mechanisms dealing with an industry filled stigma through isolation and disassociation (13:51).
• Ways to overcome these defense mechanisms through healthy relationships, counseling with professionals who can provide safe space to confide in, and maintaining one’s health – in the physical sense through diet, exercise and periodic check-up and emotional and psychological level through self-care vacations (16:50).
• The financial allure of sex work and the truth behind the myth (20:12).
• Why financial and legal know-how is necessary in the sex industry, understanding that sex work is a business where providers are the CEOs, and how to avoid the vicious cycle of keeping up and maintaining a lifestyle brought about by an increased standard of living (25:30).
• Why it is beneficial to get out of the competitive sphere of the industry to reach out and meet other providers for emotional support, and how doing so can help with client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention (28:24).
• Dealing with disassociation by discovering where it comes from, recognizing disassociation without judging it, identifying how it manifests, and empowering one’s self instead of operating on “have to” (32:10).
• How disassociating triggers anger and her experience on how it manifests in personal relationships when not worked on (38:49).
• Setting boundaries by establishing it upfront, and practicing transparency on your preferences and limitations (43:10).
• Dealing with challenging situations or characters, having an assistant as your safeguard, the importance of communicating immediately when things aren’t as expected, and using what Raven calls ‘feminine magic’ (47:12).
• How to attract healthy and mature relationships by practicing total transparency, removing shame, and living a more empowered life (54:30).

If you just realized through the episode your need for an accountant or financial planner who are comfortable working with people in the sex industry, email me at ryan [at] theintimatelifestyle.com and I’ll be happy to connect you with them.

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To reach Raven, email info [at] theintimatelifestyle.com with “Raven Sex Work” on the subject line.

This episode has provided so much valuable information and insights in the sex industry and I do hope that you enjoyed it. There’s so much that I’ve learned talking to Raven and I would love to hear your feedback.

Enjoyed this episode? Do you have feedback or questions that I might not have raised today? I want to hear your thoughts!

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